What is anxiety like

There are countless lists of anxiety symptoms out there but what sometimes gets overlooked is that the actual experience and effects of anxiety might be slightly different for everyone. I have had clients describing anxiety like a cloud or mist that suddenly engulfs them. Often the result is anger and frustration, which results in irrational and aggressive behaviour. For others anxiety is like a cloak, which coupled with negative thoughts keeps them safe from risks but also stops them from growing. Anxiety is sometimes also referred to as an alter-ego. A loyal friend, if you like, which is part of an internal dialogue that helpsĀ  you weight things up so carefully that it can cause you to feel stuck. When this loyal friend finally goes, it feels so unsual that clients briefly find themselves questioning their sanity and seeking reassurance. Others see anxiety as a boundary on the other site of which lies everything that they want.

What is anxiety like for you and what does it hold for you?

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